• Founded Vision of Tomorrow Charitable Trust (NGO) – in 2009 to addressed cyber safety related issues and empower & educate children, women & youth against modern digital threats.
  • Started first ever campaign in South Gujarat region “Cyber Safety for All” during National Book Fair 2011 to aware citizen about the ill effects of the technology.
  • Surat City Mayor Launched first ever newsletter “Times of Digital Wisdom” during “Cyber Safety for All’ Campaign in 2011.
  • To address the issue of Child Online Safety effectively founded Child Online Protection Foundation of India in 2014 and launched first Child Online Safety Website in India.
  • To address the increasing numbers of Cyber Crimes against Women and to aware women from cybercrimes launched campaign “Women Internet Safety Education – WISE” and create awareness in women colleges, schools, clubs and social groups.
  • To know the awareness about Cyber Crimes & Cyber Safety amongst the citizen conducted first ever survey in National Book Fair in 2013.
  • Active Speaker on Cyber Crimes related issues and conducted more than 220+ Seminars and workshops for leading institutions of the country and in various cyberlaw discussions held by radio and print media.
  • Addressed more than 40000+ Students & Parentson cyber safety awareness and sworn of “Responsible Digital Citizen”.
  • Authored numbers of articles and research papers on various legal & technical issues about Information Technology, Cyber Crimes and Laws in India and abroad.
  • To aware citizen about their rights and cyber safety launched first ever “Cyber Safety Calendar” with Surat City Police during National Book Fair 2016.
  • To make investigation efficiently empower police persons through “Cyber Crimes Investigation Training” under capacity building program of Surat City Police, Surat Range Police & Vadodara City Police.
  • To make judgements in Cyber Crimes related matters, empower judiciary under capacity building program & took workshop.
  • Empowered leading corporates against various day to day cyber security challenges through “Cyber Security for Corporates Program”.
  • Launched various capacity building programs for Kids, Parents, Citizen & Business Persons under the Flagship of “Smart Digital India”.

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