It’s a bitter truth but I need to ask few questions first, I hope you observed it and felt it sometime.

Have you ever realized that you were texting while your child was telling you about his or her day at school and later couldn’t remember any of the details of his or her story?

Have you ever felt that something hasn’t really happened until you post it on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Tweeter about it?

Do you find that your family can be in the same room but not talking to one another because you are each interacting with a different device?

If you said “YES” to any of these questions, than you’re among the millions of people who can relate to being overwhelmed by modern technology. Don’t be so anxious, just shift your focus and find a constructive way of living with technology through exercise “Digital Yoga”.  It’s time to make peace with technology, not fight. Please don’t hate your phone or your email or your web services. Fold them into your routine and learn to discipline them in a way that gives you authority.

“They serve you, don’t slave you”. Be a master of technology through regular practice of Digital Yoga and make Smart Digital India.

“Digital Yoga consist of Digital Hygiene + Digital Diet + Digital Wellness”

Research is showing that yoga is a very efficient therapy in treating any kind of addiction.There are many forms of yoga, but each and every one helps bring a balance to a person’s life. Internet and technology occupy our major time and at the same time it also save our time but it’s all depends upon an individual. Today’s children, teens and youth are using internet & technology tremendously but any excessive things lead to the addiction and create consequences in different way.

During my campaign of “Cyber Safety for All”, I noticed that our children have great skill of using technology and digital devices but they are not aware about the ill effects of their excessive and improper use. I also noticed that everyone want to be a popular in short time and want to show something that no one has and here is the trap that today’s generation not able to identify due their immaturity and spending lot of time behind the unnecessary chatting, posting, gaming and surfing.

For me ‘Digital Hygiene’ means you need to build it into your daily routine. Just like you brush your teeth every night before bed, you need to disconnect your internet from your cell phone or off your Wi-Fi connections before bed”. In Digital Hygiene everyone need to build such habits to access internet or use any digital device for any constructive purpose only. Of Course it depends upon the own wisdom and subject to an individual.

Cyber Care Clinic is only and first consultancy services in India which started in 2011 to aware people about the Digital Hygiene and Digital Diet to achieve Digital Wellness.

For me “Digital Diet” means just give a break to your digital curiosity. Nothing is going to stop without you and no one expecting your instant attention but due to our routine we didn’t focus on it and always associate on different social media and other online services. Now due to heavy digital contents consumption, we need Digital Detox ourselves time to time. Anyone can do that by following some simple steps like, establish your no device time and follow it regularly, just silent all online notifications services for while and Give a break to all social media platform using by you for specific time.

Many people claim that yoga is meditation in motion. Using it as a therapy can help a person to control any compulsive behaviors that contributes to their any kind of addiction. It can help rehabs in treating addiction and can help addicts live a long addiction-free life.

For me Digit Wellness means Know and honor values, the values of your family and of the institutions and communities that are a part of your life. Each member of the family needs to understand how to uphold and strengthen those values online and offline.Think about privacy — how much you want to maintain and how much you are willing to give up. It’s important for family members to talk, and then talk some more, about comments made, likes and dislikes expressed, and personal missives that may unexpectedly find their way into a more public arena.Remain humble when digital problems happen to friends or other people’s children and refrain from making dramatic or negative judgments. Everyone makes mistakes, and the online world magnifies errors that used to be very small problems. All of us learn from mistakes.Understand that there is very little anonymity in digital life. Sometimes it feels like it’s easy to be anonymous in the digital world, but anonymity is an illusion. For some reason, many people in the digital world behave less well when they believe they are anonymous or think no one is looking. Understand about the tracker software which continuously monitor your online activities and sand to their creators. Understand about the Online Reputation which make a difference to your physical world, your relationship and career.

All of us — children and adults — need to seek digital wellness in our 21st Century lives. We’ll make better decisions and grow into stronger citizens — online and offline.  We’ll strengthen our ability to balance social media activities with face-to-face interactions. Most importantly we’ll grow more accomplished at steering ourselves around the embarrassing or risky problems that occur all too often on our connected-world journeys. Digital Yoga enhancing our health through Digital Detox methods, Strengthen the Body, help to balance our physical world and virtual world activities, create self-awareness to make better decisions, control our mood swings and establish better connection between body and mind, which eventually help to enhance our performance in each sector.

This blog is little contribution to “Digital India & International Yoga Day” initiatives of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modiji.

“Digital Yoga makes you Fit in Real World as well in Virtual World”

– By Mr. Chintan Pathak

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